[ 17/09/2017 ]
Aspire Big Band. 17th Sept at Meow. 5pm to 7pm

 [ 6/09/2017 ]
Aspire Big Band. 17th Sept at Meow. 5pm to 7pm

 [ 20/08/2017 ]
Hot Cafe. Gypsy Jazz

 [ 16/07/2017 ]
Rodger Fox Big Band

 [ 18/06/2017 ]
Colin Hemmingsen Quartet.

 [ 21/05/2017 ]
Cole Porter Tribute

 [ 9/04/2017 ]
Geoff Culverwell

 [ 23/03/2017 ]
Cornet Chop Suey

 [ 19/03/2017 ]
River City Jazzmen

 [ 19/02/2017 ]

 [ 4/12/2016 ]
Double Dixie Delights

 [ 20/11/2016 ]

 [ 1/11/2016 ]
Gigs Organiser Wanted

 [ 16/10/2016 ]
Wellington Jazz Club's Tribute to Colin Hemmingsen

 [ 15/10/2016 ]
Wellington Jazz Club's Tribute to Colin Hemmingsen

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Aspire Big Band. 17th Sept at Meow. 5pm to 7pm

17 September 2017

Aspire is a performing big band dedicated to the old and the new of this great music tradition. www.aspirebigband.com
Aspire takes a fine brush to the music, with a passion for perfecting the art of dynamics, articulation, phrasing and rhythm.
Musical director and professional jazz musician Phil Costello, will lead the band in popular tunes of the big band era and modern big band tunes drawn from a large repertoire ranging from old and new standards, to blues, funk and contemporary
Add to the mix the bands crooner and songstress, and Aspire is a complete package.
Formed in 2009, as part of the Wellington Aspire Music Academy, a community initiative offering musical performance and band management training, the Aspire Big Band has developed into a performing band playing at festivals and functions, parties, balls, bars and public events.

New Musical Director

Aspire is now in the hands of top professional Wellington jazz musician, arranger and band leader - and marriage celebrant - Phil Costello.

With a consummate musical education in Melbourne and the Wellington School of Music, and more than 25 years as a performer, Costello is taking Aspire to a whole new level.

The Musicians

Phil Costello - Musical Director; Greg Crayford – Drums; Andrea Robinson – Piano; Pete Gregory – Bass; Sam McLea – Guitar; Alice Taylor - Alto saxophone 1; Emily Bourne - Alto saxophone 2; Matt Bourne - Tenor saxophone 1; John Gualter - Tenor saxophone 2; Bryan James - Baritone saxophone; Mark Bennett - Trombone 1; Glenn Walbran - Trombone 2; Jonathan Cumblidge - Trombone 3; Craig Dean - Trombone 4; Tim Mellsop - Bass Trombone; Dave Kyle - Trumpet 1; Seager Mason - Trumpet 2; James Hollings - Trumpet 3; Jemma Sergent - Trumpet 4; Ruthanna Kennedy – Vocals; Sam Larsen – Vocals.
Listen at - http://www.aspirebigband.com/sound-stage.html