[ 16/12/2018 ]
The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

 [ 18/11/2018 ]
Bird soup

 [ 28/10/2018 ]
Tribute to Erna Ferry.

 [ 16/09/2018 ]
Hot cafe is a quartet playing Gypsy Jazz.

 [ 19/08/2018 ]
School of Music Big Jazz Band

 [ 15/07/2018 ]
Shake Em On Downers

 [ 17/06/2018 ]
Musical celebration of Hadyn Sherley

 [ 20/05/2018 ]
Kevin Clark and Fran Barton

 [ 15/04/2018 ]
Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

 [ 27/03/2018 ]
Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

 [ 18/03/2018 ]
Nick Granville Big band

 [ 18/02/2018 ]
Andrew London Trio

 [ 22/01/2018 ]
Andrew London Trio

 [ 17/12/2017 ]
Bill West Jazz Band

 [ 19/11/2017 ]
Come Fly with Us and the very best of The Crooners

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Musical celebration of Hadyn Sherley

17 June 2018

Sun 17th June 2018 - 4:30 pm.

Hadyn Sherley. QSM (29 Mar 1924-14 Jun 2007).

He was a household name for decades in New Zealand, due to his work on national and commercial radio, in a career that spanned over fifty years.
Hadyn will remembered for his National Radio jazz broadcasts "In a Mellow Tone”. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing his theme song In a Mellow Tone
The Wellington Jazz Club is cooperating with project leader John Joyce plus Paul Dyne, Nick Tipping and Radio NZ. The Sherley family members will attend and it is planned to record the performance for later broadcast.

'Paul Dyne' and 'John Joyce' have selected music representative of Hadyn's tastes and the accompanying dialogue written by John will be presented by 'Nick Tipping'.
Paul's jazz group includes himself on bass plus 'Anita Schwabe' on keyboard, 'Hannah Griffin' on vocals,'Craig Walters' on Saxophones, clarinet and flute and ' ' on drums.
For full details see http://www.wellingtonjazzclub.org.nz/jazz_club_gigs.htm