[ 16/12/2018 ]
The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

 [ 18/11/2018 ]
Bird soup

 [ 28/10/2018 ]
Tribute to Erna Ferry.

 [ 16/09/2018 ]
Hot cafe is a quartet playing Gypsy Jazz.

 [ 19/08/2018 ]
School of Music Big Jazz Band

 [ 15/07/2018 ]
Shake Em On Downers

 [ 17/06/2018 ]
Musical celebration of Hadyn Sherley

 [ 20/05/2018 ]
Kevin Clark and Fran Barton

 [ 15/04/2018 ]
Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

 [ 27/03/2018 ]
Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

 [ 18/03/2018 ]
Nick Granville Big band

 [ 18/02/2018 ]
Andrew London Trio

 [ 22/01/2018 ]
Andrew London Trio

 [ 17/12/2017 ]
Bill West Jazz Band

 [ 19/11/2017 ]
Come Fly with Us and the very best of The Crooners

This is the Events Diary of gigs and events hosted by the Wellington Jazz Club, as well as other jazz gigs and jazz events around Wellington. To book tickets and tables go to Booking page on top menu.

The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

16 December 2018

Sunday 16th December 2018, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

In the spirit of the great Jazz Trombonists JJ Johnson and Kai Winding - Jazz Legend Rodger Fox and NZSO Principal Trombonist David Bremner are joined by Wellingtons finest Trombonists in an afternoon honouring these greats, and many more, of the Trombone world. From duets, to 10 piece Trombone ensemble, and an extra surprise at the end. Hear some of NZ's finest Jazz and Classical Trombonists as they perform the greats including ‘Blue Monk’, ‘Dont get around much anymore’, ‘Stompin at the Savoy’, ‘76 Trombones’ and many more.


Rodger Fox
David Bremner
Matthew Allison
Chris Fox
Damian Furlong
Mark Davey
Julian Kirgan
Louis Williams
Pat Di Somma
Jono Harker
Ben Robertson
Shannon Pittaway

Anita Schwabe - Piano
Lauren Ellis - Drums
Rory Macartney - Bass