Sunday 16th December 2018, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
The Bone people
In the spirit of the great Jazz Trombonists JJ Johnson and Kai Winding - Jazz Legend Rodger Fox and NZSO Principal Trombonist David Bremner are joined by Wellingtons finest Trombonists in a Performance honouring these greats, and many more, of the Trombone world. From duets, to 10 piece Trombone ensemble, and an extra surprise at the end. Hear some of NZ's finest Jazz and Classical Trombonists as they perform the greats including ‘Blue Monk’, ‘Don’t get around much anymore’, ‘Stompin at the Savoy’, ‘76 Trombones’ and many more.
Of all the brass instruments the trombone is best suited to form a large band consisting of only one type of instrument.
The main reason is that the trombone comes in two common forms known as tenor and bass. The bass instrument has the standard tenor range but additional pipework in the bell section enables it to reach down into the range of the tuba. Also the standard trombone with its long narrow bore tubing resembles the French horn and is able to be played in high register well up into the range of the trumpet.
In this way the all trombone group has a full range of voices similar to a human choir. In fact they are often called trombone choirs.
Gigs organiser Chris Caudwell comments:
"In the New Zealand music scene the teaming up of Dave Bremner and Roger Fox is quite startling. Dave has been first trombone in our National Orchestra for fifteen years and Roger Fox needs no introduction with an ongoing lifetime as our internationally renowned big jazz band leader and jazz trombonist.
In combination these two are able to draw together the most talented players from both the classical and jazz worlds to provide New Zealanders with a totally unprecedented jazz experience. In recent years combinations of brass only instrumentmentalists have achieved international recognition. The European group Mnozil Brass is probably the best known. They toured New Zealand not so long ago.
This gig is an opportunity to experience a brand new venture by top Kiwi trombonists setting out in a new but internationally proven direction with Kiwi jazz."
Trombones: Rodger Fox; David Bremner; Matthew Allison; Chris Fox;
Damian Forlong; Mark Davey; Julian Kirgan; Louis Williamson;
Patrick Di Somma; Jono Harker; Ben Robertson; Shannon Pittaway.
Anita Schwabe – Piano.
Lauren Ellis – Drums.
Rory Macartney – Bass.

Bird soup

18 November 2018
5:00 pm to 7:00 at Meow.

The November Bebop Session will be presented by Bird Soup which was formed in 2017 by Paul Dyne to perform the music of Charlie Parker – tunes that he wrote, plus tunes (standards) that he performed and recorded.
The band is made up of Jake Baxendale, alto sax; Aleister J. Campbell, guitar; Shaun Anderson, drums; and Paul Dyne, bass. The band performs regularly at the Library Bar on Courtenay Place.
This WJC performance will include lots of playing and some talking about Bebop.
The repertoire has been arranged by Al and Jake and is full of surprises, high energy, sometimes slightly irreverent, but always musical, groovy, and fun.
Jake is a top level saxophone player in high demand involved in a number of busy ensembles including his own JB3 trio, the Jac, Antipodes, Richter City Rebels, plus the Arthur Street Loft Orchestra series and Jazz Aotearoa. .
He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma in jazz performance from the NZSM, and cut his teeth with John Rae’s eclectic large group “The Troubles”, playing a weekly residency and gaining invaluable experience on the bandstand. The same year The Jac recorded their debut album “Nerve”, featuring compositions by Jake and Callum Allardice.

Aleister is a busy guitarist in all size ensembles from solo guitar to big band, with his own projects as bandleader and composer. He has done an in depth study of the music of Charlie Parker. He made the pilgrimage to London, then to Melbourne where he played and played; busking one hundred and one days in a row at one point (one for each Dalmatian), and collaborating with members of much heralded Aussie acts like Hiatus Kaiyote and The Cat Empire.

Shaun Anderson is an in demand drummer involved in numerous Wellington ensembles including the Jac, Richter City Rebels, Depths.
Since completing a Post Graduate Diploma in jazz performance at the NZSM in 2011, Shaun has been in demand as a drummer across an array of contemporary musical genres. He has toured extensively throughout the USA, Australia and New Zealand with artists such as metal bands Saving Grace and Depths, and contemporary jazz ensemble The Jac.
Shaun has released multiple albums to national and international acclaim, and his recordings have appeared on the USA Billboard and the New Zealand pop charts. Shaun has been a finalist in the New Zealand Music Awards for both jazz albums and metal albums.

Paul is an honorary member of the Jazz Club. The Wellington Jazz Club sponsored a tribute to Paul Dyne and Roger Sellers in 2015. He retired recently from the NZSM where over the years he taught the Bebop language in Jazz Theory, Improvisation, and Jazz History. He has been busy working on his Bebop chops and apart from regular gigs has been involved in projects such as the Haydn Sherley Tribute concert and, in Christchurch, a Stu Buchanan Tribute concert.

Who was Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker?

An American alto saxophonist, composer, and bandleader, a lyric artist generally considered the greatest jazz saxophonist. Parker was the principal stimulus of the modern jazz idiom known as bebop, and — together with Louis Armstrong, Ornette Coleman, Dizzie Gillespie — he was one of the great revolutionary geniuses in jazz. 1935 to 55.
“There is no such thing as Bop music but there is such a thing as progress. Progress is what the innovators of Bebop had in mind. It challenged musicians and listeners alike with its complex melodies, quicksilver tempos, and general disdain for anything you could sing or dance to.” (Experiencing Jazz, Michael Stephans.)

Tribute to Erna Ferry.

28 October 2018. 5:00 to 7:30.
James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel, Chancellor 1 Ballroom,
16th Floor, The Terrace, Wellington. Doors open at 4.15pm.

This year’s Wellington Jazz Club Tribute is to celebrate Erna’s achievements as a vocalist, music teacher and her contribution to Jazz.
Many musicians associated with her career will perform at the Tribute and this will include the Rodger Fox Big Band with whom she performs regularly.

Book on Eventfinda;
Erna Ferry is usually associated with The Rodger Fox Big Band but this year’s Wellington Jazz Club Tribute is to celebrate Erna’s achievements as a vocalist, music teacher and her contribution to Jazz. As usual our Tributes are a special occasion and it is to be held in the James Cook. Many musicians associated with her career will perform at the Tribute and this will include the Rodger Fox Big Band.


Erna Ferry has come to jazz via years of performing in commercial and blues based bands throughout the Manawatu region in New Zealand, as well as experience in performing Theatre with roles in major musical productions the likes of Slice of Saturday Night, Hair and The Best Little Whore House in Texas.
Erna explains; “Singing was in the DNA. I was born in Germany, with a German mother who grew up listening to the ‘American Forces Network Radio’, and sang Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald around the house every waking moment of every single day. My Scottish soldier father played clarinet and listened to all the big bands from the swing era. It was inevitable that the jazz germ would convert to the hard drive, and stay there, just waiting for 1993
My father was in the New Zealand Army and we moved around New Zealand a lot when I was small. I loved to sing, and joined every school choir in every town. We ended up in Palmerston North where I went to high school – here’s a photo of a 13 year old me and my best buddies – ‘The Bluejays’ – a pop group who played ukulele and sang the hits of the day. The school wasn’t that supportive, but we sure came in handy going door to door selling the school’s terrible Christmas cards!!
Then there was a gap, filled with growing up, travelling, returning to New Zealand, Palmerston North specifically, having a family and, after I’d caught my breath, finding a hobby – musical theatre. I did enough to realise that I was a terrible actress, but that I still enjoyed singing. My first role ever was playing the Dolly Parton part from the show “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” – great fun and here’s a photo. Learning to dance and sing at the same time presented a bit of a challenge!!
Things were in store though .…… I did a few more shows, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Grease”, “Stepping Out” and “Slice of Saturday Night” – where I met a guitarist named Simon Bowden (now Executive Director of the Arts Foundation). He talked about a jazz trio, a simple line-up of guitar, saxophone and voice and asked was I interested? Sure I was…. did I know any jazz? Ummmm – I don’t know. He arrived one night with the “Jazz Real Vocal Book” and strummed through a few tunes – and suddenly all those lovely melodies my Mom had sung came tumbling through and there it was!
From that time onwards, things went jazzward – the trio worked every weekend in Palmerston North until Simon and Hugh, the saxophone player went to university and I moved on to work with a piano player called Johnny Carson (whose name may be familiar to some of you). My first jazz festival was at Tauranga, with Simon’s band “Flibbertyjibbet” and how exciting that was!! I went to the Bay of Islands with Flibbertyjibbet for 3 years and when they disbanded, joined the lovely chaps from Tauranga called “Shades of Grey” – bandleader Vern Clare would be familiar to some of you - working with them for quite a few years.
In 1993, an enthusiastic friend of mine entered me into the ‘Jazz Quest 1993” in Wellington, run by Geoff Culverwell.
My Dad drove me to Wellington and I hit the stage about midnight with trembling knees and clutching my charts!! I was absolutely stunned to end up winning this competition. The winning prize was a bottle of Chardonnay, and a half hour recording session at Radio New Zealand with Geoff and his band. On that recording date I met a glittering array of senior jazz players – Rodger Fox, Mannie Abrahams, Nick van Dijk, Roger Sellars. Jazz work came in regularly from that date onwards. I still had a little solo act going on while all this was happening – singing jazzy tunes over backing tracks and playing latin-american percussion – corner of the restaurant sort of stuff, weddings, conferences.
And then I went to Monterey with the Rodger Fox Band”!!!
Erna toured the USA in September 2000, along-side the Rodger Fox Big Band with appearances at the Monterey Jazz Festival and performances in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
2000. The release of her first CD recording ‘Devil May Care’featured the musical backings of The Rodger Fox Big Band, musical arrangement by acclaimed American writers Gordon Brisker and Jeff Driskill and specials appearances by star performs Bill Cunliffe and Jon Papenbrook.
2002 Guest appearance on the World Blues Revue – New Zealand Tour: Erna gained a lot of new friends with her powerful performances as the special guest on the World Blues Revue Tour alongside blues legends Robben Ford and Long John Baldry.
February 2004 - has Erna releasing her second CD, which features Danny Caron – Guitar, Dewayne Pate – Bass, Deszon Claiborne – Drums and Dave Mathews – Keyboards, all who have performed recently with the World Blues Revue. This CD is titled “BIG BLUES"...check it out.
2009. The Blues Buffet and Erna Ferry performed at Capital Blues Inc. a Wellington blues club which runs the Roomfulla Blues live music nights every Thursday night at the Hotel Bristol. The write-up included:
“Erna Ferry has just returned from the States where she’s been playing some clubs there. She’s got a strong voice and plays mean Little Walter-style harmonica. The Blues Buffet recently played the Blues, Brews and BBQ gig in Tauranga and Church Road Winery, Napier and have a gig at the Manawatu Jazz and Blues Festival on Queen’s Birthday weekend. They cover Albert Collins, Herbie Hancock, SRV, Muddy Waters, Little Charlie and the Nightcats plus originals from their CD, Appertiser.”

May 2010 - has her third record titled “ Close Your Eyes”. This CD was recorded at the Blue Room Studios in Los Angeles with star American jazz artists: Joe LaBarbera - Drums, Tom Warrington - Bass, Larry Koonse - Guitar, Clay Jenkins - Trumpets, Bob Sheppard - Saxophone and New Zealand’s own Rodger Fox – Trombone
July 2013 – Erna toured to the USA with The Rodger Fox Wellington Jazz Orchestra and recorded with the band at the famed Capitol Recording Studios in Los Angeles – This CD has been released under the title of “The Capitol Sessions”.
2015 Erna toured the Peggy Lee Story (including The Wellington Jazz Club) to much acclaim while continuing to work with the Rodger Fox Big Band and the Wellington Jazz Orchestra.
2017 Erna appeared, With Rodger Fox at the Monterey Jazz Festival in California USA.

Erna the Jazz Educator

“I’m an ‘accidental teacher’ of jazz vocal workshops! My ‘baptism of fire’ was thanks to Rodger Fox, who took me to New Caledonia one August in the 90’s for a music festival at the University.
A couple of weeks before the tour he casually mentioned that ‘by the way’, he had offered my services as a jazz vocal tutor to the classical vocal students at the university. To say this threw me into a mild panic is an understatement! Not knowing if anyone there spoke English, let alone knew anything about jazz, I had to put my thinking cap on. I found a French teacher in Palmerston North, wrote myself a jazz vocal workshop which she translated it to French and then over the next 2 weeks, she taught me how to deliver it (we remain firm friends today) I had to anticipate questions – and understand my own replies!!! It was a great success thankfully and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
I now had a jazz vocal workshop to offer at jazz festivals around the country.
Over the years I have presented workshops at jazz festivals in Tauranga, Wellington, Auckland, Manawatu, Nelson and Christchurch. I am a tutor at the NZ Jazz Foundation High Schools’ Course in Wellington in January every year, and also in July at the ‘Rhapsody in Rotorua’ Youth Festival, which features combined schools from New Zealand and Australia. I have been the vocal tutor at Awatapu High School for many years now and have a run a jazz choir – which evolves naturally as students leave at Year 13 and join at Year 10. I have recently joined the teaching staff at Palmerston North Girls High School and have founded a 3 girl jazz group The Harmonettes. Certainly it’s really rewarding to have a group of young people passionate about singing in the jazz style – my favourite saying (stolen from someone else) is that “Jazz teaches you what to do when you don’t know what to do”. Even if you don’t end up as a jazz singer – touching on the basics makes you a better singer in the end because you must think on your feet as you sing!!
Devil May Care 2002
Big Blues 2004
Close Your Eyes 2010
Wild About You 2016
Erna ferry guesting on:
A Rare Connection (R Fox/Brian Smith with US rhythm section) 2005
Harmonica Masters of NZ, 2007
Goin’ Out of my Head (R Fox/Irv Wagner & University of Oklahoma Trombone Choir) 2008
Gershwin with Wellington Jazz Orchestra 2010
Capitol Sessions w/R Fox Big Band 2012
King of the Blues w/Chris Cain 2015
Hip Walk w/RF Big Band 2018


Hot Cafe. At Meow Sunday 16 September at 5:00 to 7:00

Hot cafe is a quartet playing Gypsy Jazz. Nik Brown (violin), Leigh Jackson (guitar), Nick Granville (guitar), and Nick Tipping (bass), will play music in the style made famous by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli.
Hot Café may be familiar to Wellingtonians who were around in the 80s, as the original band was very active on the jazz scene, being one of the only groups playing gypsy jazz.

After 20 years of the original band breaking up the original violinist, Nik Brown decided to reform the band with the best local players he could find in the style.
Joining forces with acoustic guitarists Leigh Jackson and Nick Granville and double bass player George Packard "Hot Cafe" was reborn. For this performance Nick Tipping will be on bass

Nik Brown's passionate violin playing, combined with the hot gypsy rhythms and soaring solos of the guitars makes for a passionate, exciting blend of jazz, paying homage to Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappeli in the style the Hot Club of France.

Leigh Jackson has spent timein Holland, France and Belgium studying and playing gypsy jazz with some of the best players in Europe.

Nick Granville is a very well known guitarist on the jazz scene for his involvement in his own trio and countless other projects, including the Wellington Jazz Orchestra.

Bass player Nick Tipping is well known for his broadcasting and for his bass playing. He is regularly performing at the Jazz Club with many groups.

This is one of the most experienc and finest groups in New Zealand playing it's part in the Gypsy Jazz revival.
Leigh Jackson

Leigh Jackson was born ‘within the sound of Bow Bells’ in Marylebone, London and has been playing the Guitar since an early age. His first influence was through his uncle in London who was a recognised player in the gypsy and flamenco style. Leigh moved to New Zealand in his teens and has been playing professionally for 30 years and is fortunate to have shared the stage with many international and local artists as a Jazz, Rock and Fusion guitarist. Visit his website to see the extensive list of great musicians he has played with.

Leigh became the first person in NZ to complete a Masters degree in jazz performance which he was awarded with distinction in 2002. Leigh was the founder and Head of the Jazz Guitar department of Wellington’s Massey University (New Zealand School of Music) and lecturer in Jazz Piano, Jazz Guitar Jazz Theory, Composition and Improv. After 18 years of teaching Leigh was amongst a group that left the department in 2004. Leigh has taught postgrad level Jazz at Canterbury University and on the Academy at Victoria University and has several undergraduate and postgrad students that visit him regularly. He also teaches degree students at Whitirea Polytech.

Has worked as a producer for New Zealand jazz labels Rata-Records, Yatra Records and his own company Lydian Records. Recent recordings produced by Leigh include “Parallax“, The Rite of Swing” and “Fragments of the Blues“, also Double Play by virtuoso bass player Ben Shepherd.

Sun 19th August 2018 - 4:30 pm at Meow.
2018 NZSM Big Band One. Musical Director: Rodger Fox
Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music has three Big Bands rehearsing throughout the university year with players regularly auditioning for their position. All three bands have regular performance opportunities including NZSM Big Band Big Nights at the Bristol Hotel on Cuba Street and Jazz Festivals around the country: Tauranga, Manawatu, Napier, Southern Jam and Queenstown. The Bands come under the musical direction of Dr Rodger Fox, New Zealand’s foremost jazz trombonist and big band leader. Big Band One features the country’s best up and coming jazz talent drawn from the cream of the New Zealand School of Music jazz majors.

The NZSM Big Band performs a cross-section of material made famous by bands and artists such as Woody Herman, Bob Mintzer, Buddy Rich, Bill Holman, Count Basie, and Maynard Ferguson. The band has appeared in concert with major international artists such as pianist Mike Nock, trumpeters Jon Papenbrook, Clay Jenkins and Alex Sipiagin, trombonist Jim Pugh and Bill Reichenbach, Mr Georgie Fame, saxophonists Bob Sheppard, Dick Oates, Eric Marienthal, Ray Woolf, and Chris Cain

Sun 17th June 2018 - 5:00 pm at Meow.

Haydn Sherley, QSM.

In a Mellow Tone

A Musical celebration of his 50 years on national and commercial Radio NZ/NZBC.

Presented by Paul Dyne and Nick Tipping

Paul Dyne's jazz group for the occasion includes himself on bass, Anita Schwabe on keyboard, Hannah Griffin on vocals, Craig Walters on saxophones, clarinet and flute, and Shaun Anderson on drums.
Paul Dyne and John Joyce have selected music representative of Haydn's tastes and the programme will be presented by Nick Tipping.
They will play up to 16 tunes which may include: ‘Ain’t Misbehaving’, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, ‘Night and Day’, ‘The Nearness of You’.

Paul Dyne recently retired from the New Zealand School of Music where he was an Associate Professor of Jazz Studies, after over 35 years involvement in Jazz education. He has been, and remains, a prolific double bass player who is recognised internationally as one of New Zealand’s leading jazz musicians. He has performed with over 150 visiting international artists, including legends such as Sonny Stitt and Michael Brecker. Paul has played in numerous radio, television, recording and concert performances over many years. Recent performances include a tour (Feb, 2018) with international saxophone star, Hayden Chisholm; with Norman Meehan, piano, including recording a CD and DVD. Their 2017 CD “Unwind” on Rattle Records is a finalist in the 2018 Tui Jazz Album Awards. Paul is busy playing in a number of local groups.

Anita Schwabe is a Wellington jazz pianist and composer. She has studied both here in NZ and at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Netherlands, Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada and Berklee College of Music in the USA. She has performed at all the major jazz festivals in NZ with her own groups and with other local and international musicians. Presently very busy as pianist for the Rodger Fox Big Band.
The APRA Best Jazz Composition was awarded to Anita Schwabe for ‘Springtide’ off her 2018 album Eat Your Greens.
Anita is a jazz pianist and composer who has been a lecturer at the jazz school in Wellington since 1995, who has an impressive resume of live shows including major New Zealand festivals and international venues such as Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
APRA AMCOS Head of New Zealand Operations Ant Healey says: “It’s important for us to be able to celebrate the wonderful work of jazz composers in New Zealand, and to witness the strength and breadth of talent in this community as we come together for the NZ Jazz Awards. Anita has been a well-respected jazz musician and composer for many years, and we’re delighted to see this award go to ‘Springtide’, which is a great reflection of her artistry.”
Anita will be performing her new album at the Wellington Jazz Festival on 8 June as part of the free Jazz at St Peter’s programme

Craig Walters is a tenor saxophonist originating from Dunedin who studied at Berklee College of Music and after living in Wellington in the early ‘80s moved to Sydney Australia in 1985 where he performed with Bob Mintzer, Michael Bublé, Louie Bellson, Billy Cobham, Cleo Lane, Bob Florence, Rob McConnell, John Riley, and Jim McNeely. Local Jazz Groups include: Don Rader Quintet, Mike Nock Quartet, and Dave McCrae Quartet. Big bands include the James Morrison Big Band, Sydney All Star Big Band and the Sydney Jazz Orchestra.

Hannah Griffin trained as a jazz vocalist in Christchurch, and in Wellington, where she now lives. She has performed extensively in many contexts, and recorded albums with composer and multi-instrumentalist Nick van Dijk, with Rosie Langabeer’s large ensemble Zirkus, as well as with Norman Meehan. New Zealand Musician magazine said: “Hannah sings with such elegance and ease that you can’t help but listen to the often tender words … Her phrasing is superb and the balance between lyrics and performance is perfect.”

Shaun Anderson is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music and is one of the most talented and busiest drummers in Wellington. He performs in a number of diverse groups including the internationally known “The Jac” and the Charlie Parker Tribute band “Bird Soup".
For set list see

20th May 4:30 to 7:00pm at Meow
Aotea College Band will play for half an hour from 4.30-5.00pm


Fran Barton and the Kevin Clark Trio

They will brighten up your evening when they present an entertaining romp through a themed program –THE EYES HAVE IT- at Meow. The songs are all about eyes, in a jazz setting, including well known favourites such as ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’, ‘Them There Eyes’, ‘The Night Has a Thousand Eyes’ and more modern material such as ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, ‘Don’t You Make My Brown Eyes Blue’, ‘Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me’ and many more, including some originals. This will be an entertaining evening of jazz and other stuff with something for everyone. Not to be missed
Vocalist Fran Barton and pianist-trumpeter-arranger-composer Kevin have been working together since the early '70s in television, radio, live performances at festivals, studio recordings, restaurants and private and corporate functions. Fran will be remembered by many for her sparkling performances with Kevin on the Brian Edwards weekly live to air TV show in the early '70s.
Kevin has been awarded the NZ Music Award TUI for Best Jazz Album twice and was a finalist with his last Flamenco-Latin flavoured album Zahara. All the music was original. The award winning album Once Upon A Song I Flew was released and sold well in South Africa, and received a stunning review in the American Jazz journal All About Jazz. Tracks from Zahara made it on to playlists on jazz radio stations in California, Norway and Greece, and the album is still selling on- line in countries in various parts of the globe. Some of his compositions were recently performed in concert in Brussels by a Belgian group. In 2012 he was awarded Best Original Score for a stage show by the Wellington Theatre Federation. A past tutor and external moderator at the NZ School of Music, Kevin is still performing regularly, mainly with Fran, “nearly every week--somewhere”.

In 2016, ‘From The Bandstand’, a book of Kevin’s musical life was published, full of hilarious and bizarre happenings on and around the stages and studios.
The popular CDs ‘The Gentleman is a Dope’, ‘Don’t You Feel My Leg’ and ‘On Saturday’ feature Fran singing humorous jazz songs and music from her television and radio shows.
With Kevin and Fran are drummer Lance Philip and bassist Rowan Clark, two of Wellington’s finest rhythm section players. Both have impressive backgrounds in performance with leading groups and visiting overseas artists.
Aotea College Jazz Band. Sunday 20th May, 4:30pm at Meow

Rowan is the musical director of the Aotea College Jazz Band and Kevin is the tutor to some of the band members. Because of this connection, the Jazz Club has invited the band to provide a performance commencing at 4:30pm on Sunday prior to ‘The Eyes Have It’.
The Aotea College Jazz Band spent 2017 building its numbers and performed as a 'big band' for the first time in November that year. The beginning of 2018 has seen the 17 piece ensemble begin to grow its repertoire to include such influences as Count Basie, Etta James, Henry Mancini, Dr John and Miles Davis. Our performance shall include music from these great artists and our ensemble is looking forward to presenting it to The Jazz Club in May.


Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

15 April 2018
April the 15th sees the return of The Jelly Rolls to The Wellington Jazz Club. The gig will includey music from their latest release ‘The Phantom Canoe’.
Although Ben now resides in Rotorua, the trio still performs regularly around the country at various festivals and jazz clubs. For this performance they will showcase material from the album, as well as from their previous releases ‘Sneaky Weasel’, 'Live in Cromwell; The music of Cole Porter’ and ‘A short history of jazz; The 1930s’.
The Jelly Rolls style infuses Harlem stride with classic swing era influences such as Eroll Garner and Ahmad Jamal.
For this concert they will also be performing music from their recent Chamber Music NZ tour featuring compositions by Gershwin, Porter and Fats Waller.
The trio features The Troubles front man John Rae on the drums, and multi instrumentalist Dan Yeabsley on the bass and saxophones, with Ben taking centre stage on the piano.
Ben Wilcock - piano
John Rae - Drums
Dan Yeabsley - Bass
The Jelly Rolls.

John Rae composer, musician and band leader
John recorded his first album at the age of sixteen with the acclaimed Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith and has subsequently recorded over 30 albums as a leader and side man including two BBC Jazz Albums of the Year (2004 and 2003).

From 2000-2003, John was the drummer for the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and in 2005 was awarded a prestigious 'Herald Angel' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

As an educator he has taught for many years and has a vast experience of running workshops and clinics. He is a member of the International Association of Jazz Educators.

John is an artist teacher at Massey University and a teacher at Wellington High School. Since finishing the Creative New Zealand/Jack C. Richards Composer-in-Residence at the New Zealand School of Music in July 2010, John continues to live and work in Wellington, New Zealand.

John leads Wellington Jazz group The Troubles. Other recent commissions include North to the Apricots (2016) for New Zealand Symphony Orchestra/Wellington Jazz Orchestra and Happy for the Royal New Zealand Air Force Concert Orchestra. For more see
Dan Yeabsley - Bass

Dan Yeabsley (bass) graduated from the Wellington Polytechnic Conservatorium of Music in 1966.
This time he will be playing bass but he is a multi-instrumentalist. With each band he appears to play a different instrument!
He regularly plays with: The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, Fat Freddie’s Drop, The Troubles, Jelly Rolls Trio (Ben Wilcox & John Rae), and Twinset (with twin brother Chris).
Dan and brother Chris never intended to become Jazz musicians. Sons of a prominent economist, Daniel was going to be a mathematician, Christopher a lawyer. It was their teenage discovery of the music of Dave Brubeck that diverted them into a musical education. At eighteen, Daniel took up the sax and Christopher the piano. In spite of their relatively late start, they applied themselves to mastering their instruments with the same passion and obsessiveness with which they had previously collected vintage suits and restored old Holdens. They perform together in their group 'Twinset'.

Sunday 18th March 2018, 5:00 to 7:00 at Meow -
The Nick Granville Big Band is a special project showcasing original compositions and arrangements of classic tunes played by 18 of NZ’s best musicians.

Nick has released six CD’s of original music, and teaches jazz guitar at NZSM. He is a prolific guitarist on the NZ music scene and has performed with the very best jazz musicians in the world including Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Joey DeFrancesco, Patti Austin and also major pop artists including Ronan Keating, Delta Goodrem, Paul Potts and Chris DeBurgh to name but a few.
Nick’s latest record ‘ReAMPED’ was recorded in Los Angeles and features Benjamin J. Shepherd and Dylan Elise.
A Big Band gig not to be missed. -

Nick Granville - Bandleader & Guitar

Lance Philip - Drums
Nick Tipping - Bass
Anita Schwabe - Piano

Ben Hunt - Trumpet 1
Mike Kirgan - Trumpet 2
Mark Carter - Trumpet 3
Chris Selley - Trumpet 4
Mike Taylor - Trumpet 5 & soloist

Bryn Van Vliet - Alto 1
Alex Nyman - Alto 2
Oscar Laven - Tenor 1
Dave Wilson - Tenor 2
Eilish Wilson - Bari

Rodger Fox - Trombone 1
Chris Fox - Trombone 2 or 3
Dave Bremner - Trombone 3 or 2
Kurt Gibson - Bass Trombone (pending).

Andrew London Trio.-Andrew london, Kirsten london, James Tait-Jamieson, with Wayne Mason.
18 February 2018
At Meow, Sunday 5:00 to 7:00.
‘Let’s Take Offence', ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra', 'Country's Buggered', ‘I’d Never Let My Daughter Out With Frank Sinatra’; the titles give away the themes explored in An-drew London’s whimsical jazz-influenced original songs. Mainstream culture is affec-tionately prodded with gentle irreverence, and many of society's obsessions and ta-boos playfully lampooned. Themes run the gamut from couch potato sports fans and Kiwi driving habits to male insecurities, technophobia, household appliances, and many other issues familiar to middle-aged, middle-class, Middle-Earth dwelling baby-boomers.

Delivery is wrapped in an easy-going and accessible 1940s-era ‘Hot Club’-style swing package, with occasional sallies into folk, blues and western swing; and London’s easygoing banter holds a two-hour show together with stories that draw the audience in and set up the songs.

Recent reviewers of London’s lyrical skills have made comparisons to John Clarke, Tim Minchin, Flanders and Swann...even Noel Coward, and after a recent appearance live on NZ’s National Radio, one commentator remarked 'The Andrew London Trio are like Flight of the Conchords for Rest Homes'.

According to Downbeat USA, his 2004 album ‘Toasted’ , ‘…lured listeners in with ec-centric edges and devilishly clever wordplay.’. A decade later the same publication re-ported that his album ‘Ladies a Plate’ ‘...reaches high levels of poise and affability while imparting witty lyrics that would draw quiet laughs of agreement from Mose Alli-son and Dave Frishberg.’

His songs have been included in a national year 13 English syllabus, Radio NZ’s ‘Best Song Ever Written’ segment and several NZ and European album compilations. His previous trio, Hot Club Sandwich, is the only Kiwi act in recent times to have performed in Saudi Arabia. His songs have been included in feature films including ‘Second Hand Wedding’, ‘No Petrol, No Diesel’ and ‘No Ordinary Sheila’.

In Live performances, woodwind exponent James Tait-Jamieson contributes with (among other things) tenor/soprano and baritone saxophones, flute, Irish whistle and melodica and contributes with a crooning vocal style honed in the Bu-ble/Connick/Sinatra school. The bass chair is occupied by Kirsten London, who also contributes occasional standards lifted from the Doris Day and Blossom Dearie song-book. Occasional guest Wayne Mason plays rollicking piano in the New Orleans and western swing styles.

‘Yes it’s jazz, but not for the purists’, - Downbeat USA Magazine 2004

Sunday December 17th.
5:00pm to 7:00pm at Meow

Bill West Jazz Band
Heritage jazz in Contemporary New Orleans style.
The band plays traditional jazz standards with authentic vintage New Orleans sound. Since hurricane Katrina the style is resurging in the home of jazz
The band will be playing great numbers such as ‘After You've Gone’, ‘I'm Nobody's Sweetheart’, ‘Some of These Days’. Vocals by Marian Price Carter will include; - ‘I Get The Blues’, ‘Baby Won't You Please Come Home’ and more.
List of performers:
Marian Price-Carter, chanteuse
Graham Parker, bass
Don Franks, banjo, vocals
Graham Kelly, piano, vocals
Chris Anderson, clarinet
Brian Kelly, trombone
Bill West, cornet, vocals

Bill West grew up in York, England, learning melodies from his mother who had been a singer in a Glasgow band in the 1940’s. Influenced during the 1960’s by Ken Colyer, Bill led a jazz band in Wellington during the 80’s & 90’s. Most current band members are from that time. Bill was recently inspired to pick up his horn again after hearing the current generation of New Orleans style jazz musicians.
Marian Carter a Wellington based singer and musician, lends her vocals to some of the Heritage repertoire. She also performs with the New Valley Stompers and singing and playing clarinet as half of the Raven Mavens duo.
Don Franks (banjo) is a Wellington based professional musician, plays piano, banjo, guitar and sings. Don has recorded six albums of original compositions and covers, available on
Chris Anderson (clarinet) was invited to play for a Trad Jazz Band in England in the 1960’s. Namely the Frog Island Jazz Band, who incidentally are still playing! He still keeps in touch with many of the original members. Since leaving England Chris has played with numerous groups, with differing styles and sizes in Australia, as well as New Zealand. Chris has always had an affinity for the traditional six or seven piece line-up.
Graham Kelly is a pianist who had his own popular dance band, “The Graham Kelly Orchestra”, in Wellington for 24 years during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He was a member of the Bill West Jazz Band during the 1980s and played in Bill’s band on their recording.
Graham organised the successful Parliamentary charity concerts “Harmony in the House” for the Mary Potter Hospice for 15 years and is currently playing in the reformed New Valley Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band.
He has been an active member on the Committee of the Wellington Jazz Club since 2007, having introduced Tribute Concerts for musicians who have made an outstanding contribution to jazz.
Owen Kneebone has been playing drums since 1960 being taught by the late Frank Gibson Snr. He was the first winner of the Premier Drum Award in 1964. He has played and recorded with Peter Posa, Dinah Lee, The Chicks and Tommy Adderley amongst others. He now divides his time between gigs with the Society Jazzmen, The Lindsay Meech band and casual gigs. He is a founding member of the new Auckland Dixieland band The Hauraki Hot Six.

Brian Kelly was inspired to play trombone after growing up listening to his father’s Dance Band.
He played in the original Bill West Jazz Band in Wellington, the Rodger Fox Band and has played numerous styles of music.

In the 1990s he was a member of the Hotter Than Six Jazz Band in Melbourne that toured festivals around the world. Now back in NZ, Brian plays with Lindsay Meech in the Hauraki Hot Six and is enjoying playing with Bill West’s new Heritage band.

The Wellington Jazz Club organizes monthly Gigs, normally on the third Sunday of the month. Doors open to public and members at 4.15pm. Performance commences: 5:00pm. Performance finishes: 7:00pm.
At the Meow Event Venue, 9 Edward St, Wellington

For artists and location of gigs click on these links:
The Club Facebook page. Wellington Jazz Club Website.
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Come Fly with Us and the very best of The Crooners

5:00 t0 7:00 pm. 19 November 2017. At Meow
Local jazz vocalist James Tait-Jamieson pays tribute to the kings of croon (Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Mel Tormé, Perry Como and Sammy Davis Jr.) with the best songs and most interesting life stories of these talented men. With gueat vocalist April Phillips


James - voice, saxophone
April Phillips - Vocals
Ayrton Foote - piano
Wynton Newman - double bass
Sam McKenzie - drum set

James Tait-Jamieson

James is a sax player and singer from Palmerston North, New Zealand. After falling in love with jazz in his teens he went on to study at the New Zealand School of Music and then on to the graduate program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Living in “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, James had the opportunity to perform regularly on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond, honing his craft in front of audiences at Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas and Four Seasons at the Mandalay Bay but to name a few.

After graduating from UNLV and moving home to New Zealand he quickly started working with Wellington lounge band Shaken Not Stirred and did a year-long stint as saxophonist in The Bobptet at the Lido Café with Roger Sellers and Paul Dyne (New Zealand’s longest running jazz gig).
In 2007 James debuted his musical review show Sons of Sinatra with internationally renowned trombonist and band leader Rodger Fox. The show has featured regularly at jazz festivals and concert venues all over New Zealand since then.
In 2010 he joined legendary Wellington musical comedy trio Hot Club Sandwich and started teaching Contemporary Performance Music at UCOL in Palmerston North.
In 2015 james joined the Rodger Fox Big band on alto sax.

Highlights over the past few years have been two month-long Arts On Tour New Zealand tours and a week in Norfolk Island with Hot Club Sandwich, two trips to Fiji to perfom with blues singer Mahia Blackmore’s Paradise Band and a performance at the 2017 Monterey Jazz Festival in california with the Rodger Fox Big band.

James is currently residing in Brooklyn, Wellington where he performs regularly with his own groups groups as well as The Andrew London Trio, The Wellington Heads, C26 salsa band and of course RFBB.
He is working on his first recording under his own name - a Michael Bublé-style jazz vocal album with big band and strings.

April Phillips

April is a professional actor and recorded singer. In addition to singing in various bands and at jazz festivals her TV appearances include multiple performances on Television New Zealand's "Good Morning" Show and "Breakfast Show" and the TV satirical series "McPhail an d Gadsby" alongside Jon Gadsby and David McPhail. She released her debut jazz album in 2004 and has since donated 100% of her income from that album to Make A Wish New Zealand. She recently recorded a follow up song called "What I'd Do For You" for Make A Wish New Zealand.
Phillips also released an album of her own original pop songs called "Tempting Fate" and appears on a collaborative Nat King Cole tribute CD "Unforgettable".
Listen to her at:

Ayrton Foote-Keys

Ayrton was born in Auckland but spent high school years in Wanganui. He graduated Bachelor of Music (BMUS) at the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington. He has always loved jazz music especially the use of improvisation. This has naturally led him to the discovery of being able to do the same with what the piano does in Latin and Salsa music with which we call Montunos. I also really enjoy the rhythmic diversity of Latin American music.

Wynton Newman

Wynton is currently undertaking his honours degree at the New Zealand School of Music, studying Jazz Performance on bass.
He has played extensively around Wellington in many different bands with styles ranging from straight ahead jazz, afro beat, funk, latin and salsa music. He looks forward to be returning and playing for the Wellington Jazz Club again!

Sam Mackenzie

Sam is a second year student, studying Jazz Performance at The New Zealand School of Music. Sam has already had the opportunity to perform with renowned American Jazz artists including Dick Oatts, Luis Bonilla and Alex Sipiagin, as well as having played with New Zealand's Rodger Fox Big Band. Having played in many different venues he looks forward to playing at the Wellington Jazz Club for the first time!
Ayrton Foot was born in Auckland but spent high school years in Wanganui. He graduated Bachelor of Music (BMUS) at the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington. He has always loved jazz music especially the use of improvisation. This has naturally led him to the discovery of being able to do the same that the piano does in Latin and Salsa music which we call Montunos. He also really enjoys the rhythmic diversity of Latin American music.

Here is an extract from a Fairfax NZ News article on James Tait-Jamieson from the Stuff web-site dated 02/10/2012

“Growing up on an organic dairy farm outside Palmerston North, the jazz crooner was exposed to music early on through his dad who, before his farming days, was a professional musician.

Tait-Jamieson said his first introduction to jazz, however, was through Phil Broadhurst's The Art of Jazz programme on Concert FM, which his dad used to tape.

"We'd listen to the tapes in the car as he drove me to school each weekday morning.’I was exposed to a fantastic mix of classic jazz and new releases, which gave me an excellent appreciation of the genre."

The farm job he took on at home after high school was a brief hiatus, before he became fascinated by the grooviness, complexity, and freedom of jazz music and headed to Massey University to study for a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz studies.

"The first jazz singer to make an impression on me was Australian crooner Vince Jones," he said. "I was also taken by the music of saxophonists Stan Getz and Gerry Mulligan, and trumpeter Miles Davis."

After completing his degree in 2002, Tait-Jamieson was awarded a full fees waiver by the university to complete a postgraduate honours programme in jazz performance.

During this time he started to get serious about singing, tuning his ear to the likes of Harry Connick Junior, Chet Baker and Kurt Elling.

After graduating, he left New Zealand to take up a paid graduate assistant position at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

"Here I was able to hone my musical talents in voice, clarinet and flute, and played either lead alto or lead tenor in UNLV's top jazz big band.

"Working with a diverse range of musicians and bands here, and in the US, has made for a really interesting life," he said.

With a Master of Music degree tucked under his arm, Tait- Jamieson returned home to New Zealand in 2007.

Since his return, the crooner has played in Vaughn Roberts' big band, and debuted his own musical review show, Sons of Sinatra, with musical director Rodger Fox.