[ 20/10/2019 ]
Kevin Clarke Trio With Fran Barton

 [ 18/08/2019 ]
River City Jazzmen

 [ 14/07/2019 ]
NZ Airforce Jazz Orchestra

 [ 16/06/2019 ]
John Rae Quintet

 [ 26/05/2019 ]
Andrew London Trio

 [ 12/05/2019 ]
The Trans Jazzmen, Lindsay Meech

 [ 28/04/2019 ]
David Feehan Band. At Meow 28th April at 5:00 to 7:00 pm

 [ 24/03/2019 ]

 [ 17/02/2019 ]
Nick Granville Quartet. Featuring Kelly Moneymaker

 [ 27/01/2019 ]
The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

 [ 16/12/2018 ]
The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

 [ 18/11/2018 ]
Bird soup

 [ 28/10/2018 ]
Tribute to Erna Ferry.

 [ 16/09/2018 ]
Hot cafe is a quartet playing Gypsy Jazz.

 [ 19/08/2018 ]
School of Music Big Jazz Band

This is the Events Diary of gigs and events hosted by the Wellington Jazz Club, as well as other jazz gigs and jazz events around Wellington. To book tickets and tables go to Booking page on top menu.

City Jazz / Valley Stompers

11 December 2011

Jazz Club Event – 5pm start - City Jazz & The Valley Stompers - Double Billing

Warm up band ‘Percolator’, a neat Wellington cafe swing jazz band 4.15 - 5pm


City Jazz is a great Dixie and Swing jazz band from Wellington, New Zealand.

The band plays all the great feel-good jazz tunes, like Muskrat Ramble (Louis Armstrong), Ain't Misbehavin' (Fats Waller), Take the A Train (Duke Ellington), American Patrol (Glenn Miller), etc.

A versatile eight-piece Wellington-based Dixieland and Swing Jazz Band, formed in 2000, which has performed for wedding receptions, birthday parties, conference dinners and dances, balls, graduation celebrations, Christmas celebrations, exhibition openings, commercial promotion concerts, Charity fund-raising concerts including annual concerts at All Saints Otaki, retirement villages, Festivals in Wellington and Wanganui, Jazz Clubs in Hawkes Bay, Wanganui and Rotorua, social functions held by Government Departments and the Military Services, functions at Parliament and Government House, accompanied the Cantate and the Wellington Male Voice Choirs, Old St Pauls Lunchtime concerts, and Chinese functions for the VUW Confucius Institute.

City Jazz’s repertoire includes standard Dixieland, swing and dance music from the 1900’s, and a neat selection of ballads and vocals, and a growing selection of Chinese.popular melodies.

Trumpet: Grant Hannis
Clarinet/Saxes: Michael Bain
Saxes: Chris Buckland
Trombone: Steve Holt
Banjo/Guitar: Alastair Carr
Piano: Peter Holt
Bass: Alistair McLeod
Drums: Don Mander


The Stompers play the standard selection of traditional jazz tunes with genuine on-the-spot improvising and imaginative use of mutes, and in recent times have expanded their style to draw inspiration from a wide range of artists including Jack Teagarden, Chris Barber, Sid Phillips, Kenny Ball, Muggsy Spanier and others.

Wellington’s leading traditional Dixieland jazz band, which plays a lively selection of jazz and blues.

The band was formed in 1970 and has played at charity fund-raising and local festival concerts, jazz festivals, jazz clubs, garden parties, wedding receptions, and commercial promotions including events at Parliament and Government House and Old St Paul's.

The Valley Stompers features trumpet/
vocals, clarinet/sax, trombone, banjo/guitar, sousaphone and drums, and the band’s repertoire includes standard Dixieland jazz from the early 20th Century, with a selection of more modern arrangements. The music is clean, bright and exciting.

Trumpet/Vocals: Mike Green
Clarinet/Sax: Michael Bain
Trombone: Chris Caudwell
Banjo/Guitar: Alastair Carr
Sousaphone: Roger Metcalfe
Drums: Howard Thompson