[ 19/05/2019 ]
Lindsay Meech

 [ 21/04/2019 ]
David Feehan

 [ 24/03/2019 ]

 [ 17/02/2019 ]
Nick Granville Quartet. Featuring Kelly Moneymaker

 [ 27/01/2019 ]
The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

 [ 16/12/2018 ]
The Bone People. 10 Trombones plus Rythm

 [ 18/11/2018 ]
Bird soup

 [ 28/10/2018 ]
Tribute to Erna Ferry.

 [ 16/09/2018 ]
Hot cafe is a quartet playing Gypsy Jazz.

 [ 19/08/2018 ]
School of Music Big Jazz Band

 [ 15/07/2018 ]
Shake Em On Downers

 [ 17/06/2018 ]
Musical celebration of Hadyn Sherley

 [ 20/05/2018 ]
Kevin Clark and Fran Barton

 [ 15/04/2018 ]
Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

 [ 27/03/2018 ]
Ben Wilkcock and the Jelly Rolls

This is the Events Diary of gigs and events hosted by the Wellington Jazz Club, as well as other jazz gigs and jazz events around Wellington. To book tickets and tables go to Booking page on top menu.

Bill West Jazz Band

17 December 2017

At Meow 5:00 to 7:00pm
Jazz genre. Heritage jazz in Contemporary New Orleans style.
List of personnel
Marian Price-Carter, chanteuse
Graham Parker, bass
Don Franks, banjo, vocals
Graham Kelly, piano, vocals
Chris Anderson, clarinet
Brian Kelly, trombone
Bill West, cornet, vocals

Bill West

Bill grew up in York, England, learning melodies from his mother who had been a singer in a Glasgow band in the 1940’s. Influenced during the 1960’s by Ken Colyer, Bill led a jazz band around Wellington during the 80’s & 90’s. Most current band members are from that time. Bill was recently inspired to pick up his horn again after hearing the current generation of New Orleans style jazz musicians.

Owen Kneebone – Drums

Owen has been playing drums since 1960 being taught by the late Frank Gibson Snr.
He was the first winner of the Premier Drum Award in 1964. He has played and recorded with Peter Posa, Dinah Lee, The Chicks and Tommy Adderley amongst others. He now divides his time between gigs with the Society Jazzmen, The Lindsay Meech band and casual gigs. He is a founding member of the new Auckland Dixieland band The Hauraki Hot Six.

Brian Kelly – Trombone

Brian was inspired to play trombone after growing up listening to his fathers Dance Band.
He played in the original Bill West Jazz Band in Wellington, the Rodger Fox Band and has played numerous styles of music.
In the 1990’s he was a member of the Hotter Than Six Jazz Band in Melbourne that toured festivals around the world. Now back in NZ, brian plays with Lindsay Meech in the Hauraki Hot Six and is enjoying playing with Bill Wests new Heritage band.

Graham Kelly- Keyboards

Graham is a pianist who had his own popular dance band, “The Graham Kelly Orchestra”, in Wellington for 24 years during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He was a member of the Bill West Jazz Band during the 1980s and played in Bill’s band on their recording.
Graham organised the successful Parliamentary charity concerts “Harmony in the House” for the Mary Potter Hospice for 15 years and is currently playing in the reformed New Valley Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band.
He has been an active member on the Committee of the Wellington Jazz Club since 2007, having introduced Tribute Concerts for musicians who have made an outstanding contribution to jazz.

Marian Carter

Marion is a Wellington based singer and musician, lends her vocals to some of the Heritage repertoire and can also be heard singing with the New Valley Stompers and singing and playing clarinet as half of the Raven Mavens duo”

Don Franks

Don is a Wellington based professional musician, plays piano, banjo, guitar and sings.

Previously resident pianist at The Skyline, Kircaldies, and Il Casino. Don is author of, “Nice work if you can get it: notes from a musician’s diary” (Steele Roberts Publishers). He also produces a weekly Access Radio programme, Don Franks' Music.
Don has recorded six albums of original compositions and covers, available on Bandcamp.com

Chris Anderson

Chris was invited to play clarinet for a Trad Jazz Band in England in the 1960’s. The Frog Island Jazz Band”, is still playing! And Chris still keeps in touch with many of the original members. Since leaving England Chris has played with numerous groups, with differing styles and sizes in Australia, as well as New Zealand. Chris has always had an affinity for the traditional six or seven piece line-up.