[ 18/04/2021 ]

 [ 21/03/2021 ]
Mike Taylor & band. Homage to Louis Armstrong.

 [ 21/02/2021 ]
Neil Billington, Harmonica and band

 [ 13/12/2020 ]
Honour to Nat King Cole

 [ 15/11/2020 ]
John Rae Trio. The Troubles.

 [ 20/09/2020 ]
The Bridget O’Shanassy Quartet

 [ 30/08/2020 ]
School of Music Combo Competion.

 [ 17/08/2020 ]

 [ 16/08/2020 ]
Jass Band

 [ 19/07/2020 ]
The Cattlestops Ride Again

 [ 21/06/2020 ]
Crayfords Plus

 [ 19/04/2020 ]
Mike Taylor Quartet

 [ 20/03/2020 ]
Mike Taylor Quartet

 [ 15/03/2020 ]
Leigh Jackson Trio

 [ 9/02/2020 ]
The Retro Pack. Andrew London

This is the Events Diary of gigs and events hosted by the Wellington Jazz Club, as well as other jazz gigs and jazz events around Wellington. To book tickets and tables go to Booking page on top menu.

The Zak Pack. 'Lets Misbehave'

15 December 2019

The Zak Pack. 'Lets Misbehave'
The Zak Pack are a Five piece jazz combo. They have captivated audiences around NZ with their tight arrangements and smooth sound. For this end of year Wellington Jazz Club concert they will play a tribute to the great American Songbook titled ‘Lets Misbehave’.
It will be a treat one ought to experience.

The great American Song Book (Also known as the American standards) is the collection of the most important and influential popular songs and Jazz standards from the early 20th century. It does not refer to any actual book or specific list of songs, but to a loosely defined set including the most popular and enduring songs from the 1920s to the 1950s that were created for Broadway theatre, musical theatre, and Hollywood musical film.

The Zak Pack featured, with great success, at the Queenstown and Martinborough Jazz Festivals. For this Gig we will have new and classic arrangements to the familiar tunes.

Zak Dikvert – Guitar & Vocals
The driving force behind the band, An accomplished jazz guitarist and vocalist for over 30 years, he studied music at Rimon Jazz School, Israel.
Zak brings a wealth of experience & knowledge, his smooth vocal texture and unique interpretation to lyrics transforms each song to a musical experience, accompanied by the finest musicians in Wellington, makes this band a MUST SHOW!

Anita Schwabe - Piano

Anita Schwabe is a Wellington jazz pianist and composer. She has performed with her own groups at all major jazz festivals in NZ and is currently a member of the Rodger Fox Big Band.

Nick Tipping - Bass
Active as a professional jazz / contemporary bass player, Nick Tipping has performed on stages and in clubs around his native Wellington, New Zealand, Italy, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Seoul.
Currently, Nick works for Radio New Zealand, presenting the weekly jazz show Inside Out, and the morning show The Works on RNZ Concert.

Greg Crayford - Drums
Greg has over thirty years professional experience, primarily as a jazz musician. He has played (and continues to play) with some of the best people in the business, mostly as a freelancer. Greg is a signed Musicworks artist and endorses Istanbul Mehmet cymbals.

Oscar Laven is an eclectric saxaphonist and multi instrumentalist based in Wellington. A frequently appearing personality on the local jazz scene. He has performed/recorded internationally and across the country with many ensembles.