[ 18/04/2021 ]

 [ 21/03/2021 ]
Mike Taylor & band. Homage to Louis Armstrong.

 [ 21/02/2021 ]
Neil Billington, Harmonica and band

 [ 13/12/2020 ]
Honour to Nat King Cole

 [ 15/11/2020 ]
John Rae Trio. The Troubles.

 [ 20/09/2020 ]
The Bridget O’Shanassy Quartet

 [ 30/08/2020 ]
School of Music Combo Competion.

 [ 17/08/2020 ]

 [ 16/08/2020 ]
Jass Band

 [ 19/07/2020 ]
The Cattlestops Ride Again

 [ 21/06/2020 ]
Crayfords Plus

 [ 19/04/2020 ]
Mike Taylor Quartet

 [ 20/03/2020 ]
Mike Taylor Quartet

 [ 15/03/2020 ]
Leigh Jackson Trio

 [ 9/02/2020 ]
The Retro Pack. Andrew London

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School of Music Combo Competion.

30 August 2020

The 2020 NZSM Combo Competition will be held on Sunday 30th August 2020 at Meow, Edward St (off Victoria St) Wellington, starting at 5pm, with $2,000 in prizes sponsored by the Wellington Jazz Club.
The objective of the Competition is to ‘provide a venue for the students to perform to a discerning audience, provide a financial incentive for students to develop performance skills, and generally enhance the Wellington Jazz Club’s profile in the jazz community’.

In previous years, there was one prize of $1,000 for the winning combo. This year, the Jazz Club is increasing its prize sponsorship to a total of $2,000 to spread the benefit and encouragement to a wider section of the competing jazz students. Prizes will be $800 for the Winning Combo, $400 for 2nd Place, $300 for 3rd Place, $200 for Best ‘First-year’ Combo, $150 for Best Composition, and $150 for Best Arrangement.

Here are the group names, group leaders (point person), and the number of members of each group for the NZ School of Music (Victoria University) Jazz Combo Competition – August 30th to be held at Meow.

Dave Wilson also added a note about which year the members of each group are in, but only for the first-year groups, since all of the other groups are a mix of students from multiple years. That’s 46 participants in total and 8 bands.
• Toastin' with the J Mac Sextet, Harrison Scholes - 6 members
• Jack Harré Quartet, Jack Harré - 4 members
• Sistema, Theo Hertzig - 7 members -- first-year students
• $7 Combo Deal, Zoe Ioannou - 7 members -- first-year students
• Akash and The Maha-Ragas, Akash Dutta - 4 members
• All about that Basie, Paddy Ou - 7 members
• TBD, Grace Kendrick - 5 members -- first-year students
• PBC, Rory Johns - 6 members
The adjudicators for the competition will be:

Jasmine Lovell-Smith http://www.jasminelovellsmith.com/about/
John Rae https://contact07628.wixsite.com/mysite/bio
Dave Wilson http://www.davewilsonmusic.com/about.html