Address by the club Patron, Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand GNZM. QSO. KStJ.

To the 2018 AGM of the Wellington Jazz club
"It is a matter of delight, President Mike Bain, to offer a few words on this occasion at the Wellington Jazz Club. To make sure I recall the names of people correctly, I have with me a piece of paper which is also useful in restricting me to “a few words”. It is said to be tempting fate to ask anyone who has been a Judge to say just a few words. Judges, if they get going on things like the burden of proof, have been known to go on for an inordinately long time!
That is not going to happen this afternoon where I have just four things to offer.
The first is to add thanks and congratulations to you Mike and your WJC troupe comprising Chris, Graham, Bernard, Brian, Jacinta, Antony, Justine, Bob and Val who do all the things that make these Jazz Club events so enjoyable and so easy to connect with. The Meow Club has also been a good place to land after earlier venues on the Queens Wharf and in Featherston Street.
Secondly, the Wellington Jazz Club with its monthly excursions into Jazz stays happily never too distant from The Great American Songbook with the music of Armstrong, Sinatra, Cole and Carmichael never far away – whether played by women, men or groups.
Thirdly for me as someone with whom words have been lifelong companions, the worlds of Jazz and literary sayings are close together. From the annals a few examples suffice. Louis Armstrong, for example, saying “What we play is life.” Or him also saying “I don’t need words, it’s all in the phrasing”. Or Count Basie could have had all of us in mind when he said “Keep on listening and tapping your feet.” And lastly the great Fats Waller and touching on the matter of the burden of proof saying “It must be jam because jelly don’t shake like that.”
Fourthly and lastly, for my wife Susan and I, whose liking for Jazz goes from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald to Nat King Cole to Mavis Rivers and Michael Buble in singles and from The Inkspots to the Manhattan Transfer in groups, we say “Keep it up Mike and your Wellington Jazz Club colleagues!"
Anand Satyanand,
18 March 2018"

WJC Newsletter. March 2018.

President’s Message

On 18th February, we hosted our own iconic Andrew London, leading on guitar and vocals with his wife Kirsten on bass, James Tait-Jamieson on sax and guest Wayne Mason on keyboard, who performed a bright and entertaining program, which included humorous originals and jazz standards drawn from early song writers. It was interesting to hear the theme from Hugh MacDonald’s film ‘No Ordinary Sheila’, composed by collaboration of Andrew London with Hugh Macdonald and sung by Kirsten.

The set list included ‘Would you Like to Play the Guitar’ (Andrew with Kirsten and James, original ‘Swinging on a Star’ by Jimmy van Heusen, parody words by Pat Donohue), ‘Coral Island Queen’ (by Andrew), ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra’ (by Andrew), ‘Alfonso’ (by Andrew, with Wayne), ‘Way Down Yonder in New Orleans’ (by Creamer & Layton, 1922), ‘I Never Been To Texas’ (by Andrew), ‘You Don’t Play By The Rules’ (by Andrew), ‘There’s a Table Set For Two’ (by Andrew, sung by James), ‘No Ordinary Sheila’ (by Andrew, & Hugh Macdonald - sung by Kirsten), ‘I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll’ (by Spencer & Clarence Williams 1919, with Kirsten & James), ‘Deed I Do’ (by Fred Rose & Walter Hirsch 1926), ‘That’s Karori’ (original ‘That’s Amore’ by Harry Warren & Jack Brooks, parody lyrics by Andrew). ‘If You’d Be So Kind’ (by Andrew, with Wayne), ‘I wish I could Shimmy like my Sister Kate’ (by Armand Piron & Clarence Williams 1915), ‘Dancing With Your Ghost’ (by Andrew, & Lindsay Rabbitt), ‘Heaven For The Climate’ (by Andrew), ‘Everything Will Be Rosie’ (by Delbert McClinton), ‘The Preacher’ (by Horace Silver 1955), ‘Why Doncha Do Right’ (by Kansas Joe McCoy 1936), ‘Sweet As’ (by Andrew).

Once again, excellent sound support was provided by Meow’s sound operator.

We had an almost full house, with 114 seated, 85 door entries and 29 pre-booked through Under the Radar. Pre-booking through ‘Under the Radar’ is available for those who wish to use the internet to book a table, but the usual door sales remain available.
Our next gig will be held at Meow on Sunday 18th March, with a return visit by Nick Granville with his big band. They last performed for the Club in April 2016, when their programme featured Nick’s own compositions and arrangements, which were so engaging that the audience was kept on the edge of their seats for the whole concert. This is sure to be another night of great jazz, deserving of another capacity audience. Come early and don’t miss it!

A big welcome to new members Simon and Patricia Taylor, Ross and Patsy Williamson, Carolyn Workman, and Peter Scanlan. Those who are not yet members will be most welcome to join the Club in helping to keeping the jazz ball bouncing along.
The Executive Committee has lost two valuable members, with the death of Johnny Douglas last September and the withdrawal of Antony Zogg for 2018 due to a change in his circumstances. They both gave excellent contribution to the Committee. It was Antony’s initiative to set up the Club’s Facebook Page which has proved invaluable in reaching many outside the Club and he has kindly volunteered to continue to oversee it outside the Committee. We would very much like to see some new faces on the Committee, so, if you would like to be involved in the administration of the Club, please put your name forward.
See y’all on 18th March at Meow. Mike Bain, President

Sunday 18th March 2018, 5:00 to 7:00 at Meow - Nick Granville Big band
The Nick Granville Big Band is a special project showcasing original compositions and arrangements of classic tunes played by some of NZ’s best musicians.

The musicians are of the highest calibre and include Lance Philip, Nick Tipping and Anita Schwabe as the rhythm section, members of the NZSO and Ben Hunt on trumpet, Chris Fox on trombone and saxophone players Oscar Laven, Alex Nyman, Dave Wilson, and Bryn Van Vliet on lead alto.

Nick has released six CD’s of original music, and teaches jazz guitar at NZSM. He is a prolific guitarist on the NZ music scene and has performed with the very best jazz musicians in the world including Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Joey DeFrancesco, Patti Austin and also major pop artists including Ronan Keating, Delta Goodrem, Paul Potts and Chris DeBurgh to name but a few.
Nick’s latest record ‘ReAMPED’ was recorded in Los Angeles and features Benjamin J. Shepherd and Dylan Elise.
A Big Band gig not to be missed. -
Sun 15th April 2018 - 5:00 pm. Ben Wilcock, Jazz pianist and friends.
Table booking for WJC gigs at Meow.
You are able to purchase tickets, using a credit card, and book a table for WJC gigs up to eight weeks ahead. The management of Meow provide this facility through the website ‘Under the Radar’. The booking will attract a ‘Booking Fee’ of $2 a ticket. (eg. a member price of $15 will cost $17 through ‘Under the Radar’). The best route to the booking page is through Meow website.
For complete instruction on how to book go to WJC website

This arrangement does not affect your ability to walk up and
‘Pay at the Door’.
From Bill West Heritage Jazz Band.
We are grateful to the Rockshop, in Cuba Street, for helping us out on the day of the December Jazz Club concert.
An equipment malfunction necessitated a last minute dash to the Rock shop who provided, without charge, the essential piece of equipment. Thanks Assistant Branch Manager, Sheamus Yeiter.
Obituary. It is with much regret that I have to advise the death of our Honorary Member Bob Barcham on 24th February after a fall.
Bob made a lifetime contribution to music in our community and beyond, and the Wellington Jazz Club honoured him at a special tribute event held at the James Cook Hotel in February 2011. The event was supported by the X7’s Dance Band, who play Bob’s arrangements regularly.
Throughout his career, Bob was loyally supported by his wife Jean and their family. Sadly, Jean predeceased Bob this Christmas, after 69 years of marriage.
Our sincere condolences are extended to Bob and Jean’s family and friends on their loss.

AGM - Notice of Wellington Jazz Club Annual General Meeting
01.01 2017 – 31.12 2017 will be held on 18th March at 6.00pm
during the interval.
At Meow Event Venue, 9 Edwards St,