On Sunday 15th February the Club hosted Geoff Culverwell with an outstanding group of young jazz musicians including Ashton Sellers on guitar, Matt Steele on keyboard, Sam Thomson on bass and Thomas Friggens on drums. Geoff himself played trumpet, pocket trumpet and flugel and also sang a few items and featured an interesting electronic effect for duo and echo trumpet and voice. The performance was ‘fiery and dynamic’, interesting and brilliant! Someone used the term ‘subliminal’ meaning that the music seemed to rise naturally from the inside of the performers. The music just seemed to pour out of each player as though they were born to it and they played with intensity to produce some great jazz.

Geoff started the programme with an interesting and entertaining insight into his world of jazz-making and the art of improvising with reminisces and anecdotes. Then his dynamic group joined him with two hours of great jazz. Their performance included ‘Moments Notice’, ‘Adriana’, Sudden Samba Fit’, ‘Summer Time’, ‘After Hours’, ‘Seven Steps Drum, ‘Dienda’, ‘Beatrice’, Ran Khan Khan’, ‘Detour Ahead’, ‘Little Sunflower’, ‘I Had a Dream Fit’, ‘ Flintstones’, and finished with ‘St Deny’.

On Sunday 15th March we will host the Aspire Big Band. This will be a great night for our big band fans. The evening will be led off at 4pm with a support band, ‘Trogat’ a NZSM student quartet led by Jon Veitch.

We will also hold our Annual General Meeting at 6pm during the Interval. There are still a lot of subscriptions outstanding and it would be appreciated if these could be paid.

A big welcome to new member Shirley Nesbitt.

See y’all on 15th March at the Chicago.

Mike Bain
Wellington Jazz Club
Phone: (04) 934 2271