Wellington Jazz Club Newsletter

October 2015

President’s Message

On Sunday 20th September On the Club hosted the ever-entertaining Andrew London on guitar and vocals with an all-star skilled group comprising Nils Olsen on tenor sax and clarinet, James Tait-Jamieson on soprano and baritone saxes, flute and melodica, Kirsten London on bass guitar and Lance Phillip on drums. The group was tight and professional and the programme was entertaining and flawlessly executed. Andrew’s lyrics rolled out with ease, he and Nils and James tossed off brilliant improvisations with consummate skill, and the backing provided by Kirsten and Lance was excellent. It was a most entertaining evening and well worth the wait to hear such a professional group. I hope we can get them back again soon.

For the record, the programme included ‘Speed Up at The Overtaking Lane’, ‘If You’d Be So Kind’, ‘Ladies a Plate’, ‘Like Me, Like Me’, ‘Dancing With Your Ghost’, ‘There’s a Table Set For Two (featuring vocals by James), ‘Dumb Me Down’ (written & sung by Nils), ‘I Think I’ll Buy a Yacht’, ‘Don’t You Know Who I am?’, ‘I’d Never Let My Daughter Out With Frank Sinatra’, ‘You Don’t Play By The Rules’, ‘Short Attention Span’, ‘Concrete Block Motel’, ‘The One Who No-one Knows’ (written & sung by Nils), ‘Country’s Buggered’, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’, ‘Should I Dump You Somewhere Private?’ and two encores ‘I Hugged My Mate’ and ‘My Daughter’s Got a Boyfriend’.

Support entertainment was ably provided at 4pm by the Scots College Jazz Group led by Sherelyn Philip. The group comprised Ivan Patterson (HOD) and Henry Sherris on trumpets, Sam Chandler on trombone, Sherelyn Philip and Sam Royal on altos, Zachary George-Neich on tenor, Charlie Jones, Isaac Hooper and Isambard McMinn on clarinets, Locky Buchanan on guitar, George Young on bass guitar. Chris Holmes on piano and Kun-Yeop Lee on drums. They played a nice selection of standards including ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘All Blues’, ‘I Wish’, ‘God Bless’, ‘C Jam Blues’, ‘Zoot Suit Riot’, ‘Brazil’, ‘Gold On the Ceiling’, ‘Goodbye My Heart’, and Superstition’.

In our promotion of live jazz, the Jazz Club is regularly including ‘up-and-coming’ jazz musicians in the Club’s programme to give them performance experience. It is great to know that local high schools are also actively promoting jazz performance and that they are keen to perform for the Club. We are also keen to host them. The performance by the Scots College Jazz Group was excellent and we hope they will come back again.

Our next gig will be on Sunday 18th October featuring the skilled jazz vocalist Bruce Brown with Noel Clayton on guitar, Dan Yeabsley on bass, Greg Crayford on drums and guest vocalist John Veitch. Bruce always presents an innovative and entertaining performance and his backing group comprises all skilled jazz musicians. This should prove to be another evening of high quality jazz entertainment.

Support entertainment will be provided at 4pm by a group of Bruce Brown’s jazz students. This will be another opportunity to encourage up-and-coming jazz musicians to the jazz scene. Be there early to secure a good seat and give them a rousing welcome.

The Jazz Club is an excellent venue for entertaining friends and celebrating special events and listening to great jazz played by top class musicians. Members are encouraged to organise a party and enjoy the best jazz that the Capital has to offer in convivial and friendly surroundings over a nice meal and a tipple or three. Those who are not yet members will be most welcome to join the Club in helping to keeping the jazz ball bouncing along.

See y’all on 18th October at Meow.

Mike Bain