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You are able to purchase tickets, using a credit card, and book a table for WJC gigs at Meow up to eight weeks ahead. The management of Meow provide this facility through the website ‘Just the ticket’. The booking will attract a ‘Booking Fee’ of $3.02 a ticket, including credit card fee. (Special price for Jazz Club gigs). (eg. a member price of $15 will cost $18.02 through ‘Just the ticket').
This arrangement does not affect your ability to walk up and ‘Pay at the Door’.
Go to Meow
Click on Events then Gig Guide- that gets you onto the ‘Just the Ticket’ website. All the Gigs are in date order- click on the Wellington Jazz Club Gig, then click on Get Tickets.

Select the number of seats you want in the various categories (you can book a mix of categories in one booking on this site)
Find - Available tickets - Select a Date to Visit - Click Add Tickets to Cart - Click Purchase Tickets
(First time users have to register on the site to proceed to payment, after that it will recognise you if you use the same computer). Then you find the normal payment screen, using a credit card.

View and print tickets

There will be an email in your inbox from which the tickets can be printed.

The bookings close at 4:00pm on the day of the Gig. The table will be booked under the nominated name and Meow will place a label on a table with the booker's name and number of seats booked.

The WJC member on the door will require you to supply evidence of the booking to check it off against the booking list. A printed ticket or telephone image are acceptable. If your party are not arriving together all must have a copy of the ticket. Table bookings for two seats may be asked to share a table.
It must be appreciated that if you attend late at the performance ‘mob rule’ may have invaded your table. So be on time.







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